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Learn about Drupal with this free course of Introduction to Drupal 10 (with Certificate).

Introduction to Drupal 10 course
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  • Introduction to Drupal 10 course

Build, configure and manage websites without programming, using the integrated functionalities in the Drupal core and the main contributed modules.

Site Building refers to everything we can do from the user interface, without the need for programming. Drupal has a large number of contributed modules that allow us to extend its functionality and build complex sites, and that is what we will study in this Introduction to Drupal 10 Course.

Once you have completed the Introduction Course, you can choose to register for the Drupal 10 Site Building Expert course, where we will continue to expand the knowledge of Site Building and learn about additional contributed modules.

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Drupal learning experience

JavierAlvarezGonzalez | Drupal 10 | Expert in Drupal 10 Site Building
29 May, 2024
The course has pleased me very much in all aspects, coordination, material provided, attention of the teachers, I see it very complete and comfortable to wear, everything is well prepared to not lose the thread, I recommend it 100%. Concidero very practical automatic review although to say... [leer más]

Growing with Drupal 10: A Thank You to Fran and Forcontu

prodriguez | Drupal 10 | Expert in Drupal 10 Site Building
27 May, 2024
I would like to share my experience and highlight how much I have learned and how good I have felt during this training process.First of all, I would like to express my sincere thanks to our tutor Fran. His in-depth knowledge and his ability to convey information in a clear and effective way have... [leer más]

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