Train your clients

If you work in Drupal web development, it is possible that many times you've seen the need to train your client in basic administration and management of the new website. This training is a great effort for your team of programmers, who would have to be dedicated to the development of the project.

We propose a partnership in which you can enhance the quality of your projects including online or onsite Drupal training.

The most popular onsite courses for companies have the following structure:

  • Drupal 7 Site Building (Beginner and Intermediate levels). 1 week, 25 hours.
  • Web technologies for Drupal: HTML, CSS, PHP and MySQL. 1 week, 25 horas. This course is optional for teams unfamiliar with these technologies.
  • Drupal 7 Development (Advanced level). 1 week, 25 hours.

And if the project is already finished, we offer customized training to learn how to use it.

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