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Our Drupal Books

Single units in PDF

Download more than 60 single units in PDF from $1.50.

Webform, Views, Panels, Display Suite, Customithing themes, Rules, Multilingual sites, SEO, Module programming, Creating forms, Programming blocks, Using jquery and ajax, Features, Drupal Commerce, and many other topics that you need to know to become an Expert in Drupal.

Our Drupal Training Programs

Expert in Drupal 7 (online course)

The most comprehensive course in Drupal 7, including Site Building and Development (Beginner + Intermediate + Advanced + Final Project).

Learn Drupal from scratch. First you'll learn everything that you can do without programming via the major contributed modules, and then learn to develop your own modules and themes deepen the Drupal API. The course ends with a final project where you have to put into practice everything learned.

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Expert in Drupal 7
  • Online Training
  • 100% Practical & Tutored
  • Ebooks
  • Continuous Assesment
  • Final project
  • Certification
  •     3 levels
  •     7 months
  •   60 units
  • 420 hours

Online Course Drupal 7 Site Building

The alternative without programming skills to get the most out of Drupal 7 (Beginner + Intermediate levels).

A course of 3 months (180 hours certified) where you will learn everything you need to know about Drupal without programming. This course is also useful for people who need to manage a Drupal website.

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Online Course Drupal 7 Development

If you have mastered the Beginner and Intermediate levels and you want to learn how to develop custom modules and themes in Drupal 7, this is your course.

This course has a duration of 3 months (180 hours certified) and programming skills are required. If you have no previous programming knowledge it includes an introduction to PHP and MySQL

Learn Drupal 7 Flexible (online)

Our Expert in Drupal 7 course in Low cost mode, with a monthly fee of US$130.

Now you can follow our online course differently, adapting your schedule based on the time you can spend on your training in Drupal. In this mode you only pay for the tuition fee, with other optional services (examinations and certificates).

Drupal Training in-company

Drupal courses for groups: onsite (In-company), online and mixed.

The in-company training mode allows to adapt our Drupal training plans to the needs and agenda of each company.

Forcontu Community


23/08/2018 - 16:41

Para todos los que deseen aprender Drupal 8 en la modalidad presencial, en septiembre lanzamos el nuevo Curso avanzado de Drupal 8 Full Stack.

09/05/2018 - 10:24

Forcontu patrocina la Drupalcamp Spain 2018 que se celebrará en Alicante desde el 26 al 27 de mayo. Ya está abierta la inscripción al mayor encuentro de profesionales y usuarios de Drupal que se celebra anualmente en España.

27/04/2017 - 11:41

Forcontu patrocina la Drupalcamp Spain 2017 que se celebrará en Madrid desde el 5 al 6 de mayo. Ya está abierta la inscripción al mayor encuentro de profesionales y usuarios de Drupal que se celebra anualmente en España.

Drupal Training Experiences

My drupal experience

bdias1990 | Drupal 7 | Expert in Drupal 7
18 December, 2017
I liked. Great course.  Thanks Fran gil and Jose Miguel Rodríguez.Explain all about drupal 7 beginner, i am wating the drupal 7 intermediate.I like so much about all contents: nodes, menus, blocks, administration, backup and migrate, dblog and many modules useful.Please create soon the drupal 8... [leer más]

Bumping along through Drupal 7 training - Beginner level

emitflesti | Drupal 7 | Expert in Drupal 7
20 July, 2016
Dear Drupalistas,My name is Nick, and I've recently made it through the Beginner level, although I understand there is an exam at  the end (?), and I haven't seen that yet.It took forever because I did not give it top priority.  I would put it down for a while, and then pick it up again, and so on... [leer más]

Fantastic Training Course - I learned so much!

BillyWardrop38 | Drupal 7 | Expert in Drupal 7 Development
08 July, 2016
I just want to say this has been a fanatstic training course. Before I started, I was handed a distribution (now I know its an installation profile) of teh university website by my boss and asked to become an expert in it and support it. Coming from a Joomla and custom PHP background, I didnt have... [leer más]

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