Web Development

We want you to actively participate in the development of your Web project. We train you and your team to be able to maintain and extend your project adapting to changes in your business. Keep your project alive and in continuous evolution.

Forcontu mades a clear commitment to the Sustainable Development, so we want you to actively participate in the process of building your project. In this way we aim to instill the need to keep the project alive, adding new features and innovations that will be adapting to the inevitable evolution of the business and the market, thus achieving alignment between business and ICT tools implemented. We know this is not always possible if we rely entirely on outsourcing, by either response time or cost, and we want our customers to learn how to use Drupal and be self-sufficient not only in management but also in development and extension.

Open Source software is the basis for Sustainable Development., as it can be modified and adapted. But in practice, the cost of adapting or extending an already implemented software can be an impediment for many small and medium enterprises. In Forcontu we specialize in Drupal for the development of Websites and web applications, implementing projects that fits from the beginning to the needs of your present and future business, allowing continuous development at low cost. Together we will make your site is permanently aligned with your business. That way you can focus on what really matters, your business, without fear of changing the rules of it and adapt to market needs.

In addition to advisory and consulting services we can offer the following web development services:

  • Web Development with Drupal
  • Development of custom modules for Drupal
  • Universal design, accessibility and usability
  • Social networks and online communities with Drupal
  • Implementation of e-commerce with Drupal (Drupal commerce)

In addition to Web Development, we offer two additional services:

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If you need help with the contract, the payment method and choose the most appropriate service for your needs, do not hesitate to contact us , we will be glad to assist you.

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