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Imprescindible el curso de Back-end de D8

unalumno | Drupal |
31 July, 2019

Vengo de Drupal 6 y 7 y en el pasado laboral programé (entre otras cosas) con lenguajes de POO como C++ y Java. Ya he sido alumno de Forcontu con anterioridad.

Recomiendo el curso sin dudarlo a todos los que vayan a comenzar con Drupal 8, tanto si no saben nada de Drupal como si vienen de Drupal 7. Quien piense que sabiendo PHP se podrá dedicar en poco tiempo y por su cuenta a trabajar con Drupal 8, está ciertamente equivocado, a menos que sea un estudiante con mucho tiempo libre y sin... [read more]

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getting there

VillaCare | Drupal 7 | Expert in Drupal 7 Site Building
16 March, 2019
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My drupal experience

bdias1990 | Drupal 7 | Expert in Drupal 7
18 December, 2017

I liked. Great course.  Thanks Fran gil and Jose Miguel Rodríguez.

Explain all about drupal 7 beginner, i am wating the drupal 7 intermediate.

I like so much about all contents: nodes, menus, blocks, administration, backup and migrate, dblog and many modules useful.

Please create soon the drupal 8 course.


I liked. Great course.  Thanks Fran gil and Jose Miguel Rodríguez.

Explain all about drupal 7 beginner, i am wating the drupal 7... [read more]

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Bumping along through Drupal 7 training - Beginner level

emitflesti | Drupal 7 | Expert in Drupal 7
20 July, 2016

Dear Drupalistas,

My name is Nick, and I've recently made it through the Beginner level, although I understand there is an exam at  the end (?), and I haven't seen that yet.

It took forever because I did not give it top priority.  I would put it down for a while, and then pick it up again, and so on.  Not a very efficient way to do it.  Also, I have no programming experience, and generally my IT skills are limited to MS Office software.  I did build a relational database for a... [read more]

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Fantastic Training Course - I learned so much!

BillyWardrop38 | Drupal 7 | Expert in Drupal 7 Development
08 July, 2016

I just want to say this has been a fanatstic training course. Before I started, I was handed a distribution (now I know its an installation profile) of teh university website by my boss and asked to become an expert in it and support it. Coming from a Joomla and custom PHP background, I didnt have a clue where to start. At that point I knew a course was needed and I signed up for Forcontu's Expert Drupal 7 course. Through completing the different levels, I have been able to fully understand... [read more]

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Just finished the beginner level. This was the best online training and learning system for me.

Reading great, comprehensive books, and watching video tutorials from renowned websites--I have done it so much. They all lacked what I needed. Online hands on training, with testing and feedback plus a certification as well as real-life-useful scenarios and a curated set of modules for the beginner to learn and use. See, physical classrooms were not a choice. I am in Sri Lanka.

  1. ... [read more]
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Fantastic Drupal Training Experience

tnorman | Drupal 7 | Expert in Drupal 7
06 March, 2016

I have had experience with Drupal 5, 6 and 7 before taking this class. I had only dabbled in starting to create a module for Drupal 6 several years ago. Though I have always wanted to start Drupal development since I started playing with it in version 5, I was always busy with something esle and wasn't sure if I could do it. 

I breezed through the first two sections of the course, the beginners and the intermediate. When I was about to the advanced section, we had a family crisis along... [read more]

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Enjoyed the learning experience and diving into Drupal 7

tnorman | Drupal 7 | Expert in Drupal 7
08 January, 2016

I have to say I have enjoyed the experience of learning Drupal. I've played with Drupal for about 8 or so years. My first drupal experience was with version 4.6 or 4.7 and and I started building a version of my website in Drupal 5. My current website is version 6, and part of the reason I wanted to take this course was because I've been wanting to learn more about Drupal and Drupal development and move more toward that in my future. I also wanted to dive into Drupal 7 to update my site.... [read more]

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Happy to complete the course.

nidhi.badani | Drupal 7 | Expert in Drupal 7
04 December, 2015

Hi Fran,

Now when I am at the end of the course, I feel I am going to miss this. Learning started from month of May to Dec. This was an awesom journey.Super super thanks to SUPER FRAN, I am sure without his guidance completing this is was almost impossible. Thanks to Forcontu team for giving me this oppourtunity, I am really proud of this. In whole my organization all of them are aware of this training course n its benefits. The course has been perfectly segregated that anyone with or... [read more]

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A Second Drupal Site Completed

DebraG | Drupal 7 | Expert in Drupal 7 Site Building
03 December, 2015

This week I launched a Drupal site, my second since completing Forcontu's begginer and intermediate Drupal training.  The site is a Drupal Commerce site for a nature camp that uses webforms linked with Drupal Commerce for its registration process and an events calendar.  It was heavy-lifting but I'm pleased with the result, and, more importantly, so is the client.  

My Forcontu training and the foundation I received in Drupal site building served me well again.  With two soup-to-nuts... [read more]

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