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Highly recommended training

jojedap | Drupal 9 | Expert in Drupal 9 Site Building
20 October, 2021

Although I already had experience in drupal 6, 7 and some of 8; this course has made me update my knowledge because I had been somewhat disconnected for a couple of years. I consider vital that the course is eminently practical, apart from the general review of the main modules of the core of drupal 9 and contributed modules, this course has helped me to familiarize myself with composer and drush through the terminal. The course is highly recommended for anyone starting from scratch and not... [read more]

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Course experience

carobortoli | Drupal 9 | Expert in Drupal 9 Site Building
15 October, 2021

Very satisfied with the course I have done, I have learned a lot and I hope that the new knowledge acquired can be applied in the execution of my work tasks.

The materials are good, the exercises according to the level acquired and the communication with the tutor is continuous and attentive.

The course fulfilled the expectations I had when I started it, being also a reference in my country due to the lack of entities that dictate courses on this subject.

I work in an... [read more]

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getting there

VillaCare | Drupal 7 | Expert in Drupal 7 Site Building
16 March, 2019
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My drupal experience

bdias1990 | Drupal 7 | Expert in Drupal 7
18 December, 2017

I liked. Great course.  Thanks Fran gil and Jose Miguel Rodríguez.

Explain all about drupal 7 beginner, i am wating the drupal 7 intermediate.

I like so much about all contents: nodes, menus, blocks, administration, backup and migrate, dblog and many modules useful.

Please create soon the drupal 8 course.


I liked. Great course.  Thanks Fran gil and Jose Miguel Rodríguez.

Explain all about drupal 7 beginner, i am wating the drupal 7... [read more]

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Bumping along through Drupal 7 training - Beginner level

emitflesti | Drupal 7 | Expert in Drupal 7
20 July, 2016

Dear Drupalistas,

My name is Nick, and I've recently made it through the Beginner level, although I understand there is an exam at  the end (?), and I haven't seen that yet.

It took forever because I did not give it top priority.  I would put it down for a while, and then pick it up again, and so on.  Not a very efficient way to do it.  Also, I have no programming experience, and generally my IT skills are limited to MS Office software.  I did build a relational database for a... [read more]

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Fantastic Training Course - I learned so much!

BillyWardrop38 | Drupal 7 | Expert in Drupal 7 Development
08 July, 2016

I just want to say this has been a fanatstic training course. Before I started, I was handed a distribution (now I know its an installation profile) of teh university website by my boss and asked to become an expert in it and support it. Coming from a Joomla and custom PHP background, I didnt have a clue where to start. At that point I knew a course was needed and I signed up for Forcontu's Expert Drupal 7 course. Through completing the different levels, I have been able to fully understand... [read more]

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Just finished the beginner level. This was the best online training and learning system for me.

Reading great, comprehensive books, and watching video tutorials from renowned websites--I have done it so much. They all lacked what I needed. Online hands on training, with testing and feedback plus a certification as well as real-life-useful scenarios and a curated set of modules for the beginner to learn and use. See, physical classrooms were not a choice. I am in Sri Lanka.

  1. ... [read more]
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Fantastic Drupal Training Experience

tnorman | Drupal 7 | Expert in Drupal 7
06 March, 2016

I have had experience with Drupal 5, 6 and 7 before taking this class. I had only dabbled in starting to create a module for Drupal 6 several years ago. Though I have always wanted to start Drupal development since I started playing with it in version 5, I was always busy with something esle and wasn't sure if I could do it. 

I breezed through the first two sections of the course, the beginners and the intermediate. When I was about to the advanced section, we had a family crisis along... [read more]

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Enjoyed the learning experience and diving into Drupal 7

tnorman | Drupal 7 | Expert in Drupal 7
08 January, 2016

I have to say I have enjoyed the experience of learning Drupal. I've played with Drupal for about 8 or so years. My first drupal experience was with version 4.6 or 4.7 and and I started building a version of my website in Drupal 5. My current website is version 6, and part of the reason I wanted to take this course was because I've been wanting to learn more about Drupal and Drupal development and move more toward that in my future. I also wanted to dive into Drupal 7 to update my site.... [read more]

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Happy to complete the course.

nidhi.badani | Drupal 7 | Expert in Drupal 7
04 December, 2015

Hi Fran,

Now when I am at the end of the course, I feel I am going to miss this. Learning started from month of May to Dec. This was an awesom journey.Super super thanks to SUPER FRAN, I am sure without his guidance completing this is was almost impossible. Thanks to Forcontu team for giving me this oppourtunity, I am really proud of this. In whole my organization all of them are aware of this training course n its benefits. The course has been perfectly segregated that anyone with or... [read more]

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