About Forcontu

Forcontu is a company based in Madrid (Spain) and specialized in Drupal Training and Consulting since 2009. Drupal is an open source content management system (CMS) to create complex websites. Drupal owns one of the larger and more collaborative open source communities, which has certainly been crucial to grow and consolidate as one of the best CMS on the market. Many companies and organizations are betting on Drupal as a solution for developing their websites and have trusted Forcontu to train their teams or develop their Drupal projects. Drupal TrainingForcontu has developed a Drupal training plan that facilitates learning and leveling of anyone who wants to learn Drupal:
  • Training levels. The structure of our courses allows leveling Drupal professionals, ensuring they have the appropriate Drupal skills for a particular project or to meet the needs of a company.
  • Training methods. Our courses are held in online mode. We also provide onsite and mixed (online and onsite) courses for companies.
  • Organized materials. There is a lot of Drupal information available in books, blogs, forums, videos, etc. In Forcontu we have developed our training materials organized and designed to ensure the professional training in Drupal. Our books are also available in eBook (PDF) format and can be purchased separately.
  • Save time. While this formative experience requires a significant amount of effort, you will save a considerable amount of time when compared to studying Drupal on your own.
  • Certification and recognition. Forcontu certifies the level reached in Drupal, providing guarantees to companies who need to incorporate qualified staff to their Drupal projects.
  • High demand for Drupal professionals. More and more companies are demanding Drupal professionals and require a certificate of training and/or experience in Drupal. We have a Job bank exlusively for certified students.
Read more Drupal Consulting If you need technical assistance to fix issues on your Drupal site, install and configure any module, develop a custom module for a new feature or a complete analysis of your project before its development, we have a Drupal Consulting service for companies and professionals. We can guide you in the selection, development and adaptation of modules and in the design, configuration and launching of your project. Read more Core TeamThis is our core team. We also have a wide network of partners, both freelancers and companies, allowing us to complement our Drupal training and consulting services with Website development and global in-company training. Fran Gil Co-founder, CEO, Drupal Trainer & Consultant Over 15 years of experience in Web Development, specializing in Drupal since 2006. In addition to his work as CEO, Fran Gil is the author of our Drupal books and Drupal training plans and provides tutoring in our online and onsite courses. Laura Fornié Co-founder, CFO Co-founder of Forcontu. Diploma in Business Studies, has over 15 years experience in Business Administration. Laura Fornié is reponsible for the administrative and financial management of Forcontu. Josemi Rodríguez Drupal Developer & SysAdmin Expert in Drupal with extensive knowledge of Site Building, Development of modules and Systems Management. Josemi Rodríguez is responsible for the development and implementation of our technology infrastructure (websites, virtual classrooms, servers, etc.). He also does consulting work and support in Drupal.

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