Forcontu sponsors Drupal events of any size. Thinking of those who are getting started with Drupal, Forcontu gives a Drupal book for beginners to all attendees and some scholarships to enroll our courses.

If you are organizing a drupal event anywhere in the world, asks for our cooperation by filling out this form: Sponsorship Request


DrupalCamp Spain 2022
(Spain) 2022

DrupalCamp Costa Rica 2022
(Costa Rica) 2022

DrupalCamp Costa Rica 2021
(Costa Rica) 2021

DrupalCamp Costa Rica 2020
(Costa Rica) 2020

DrupalCamp Spain 2019
(Spain) 2019

DrupalCamp Spain 2018
(Spain) 2018

DrupalCamp Spain 2017
(Spain) 2017

Drupal Summer Barcelona 2017

DrupalCamp Spain 2016
(Spain) 2016

Drupal Summer Barcelona 2016
Barcelona (Spain) 2016

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