Online Course Drupal 7. Development

Develop custom modules and themes in Drupal 7

Drupal 7 Development
  • Online training
  • 100% Practical & Tutored
  • Ebooks
  • Continuous Assesment
  • Certification
  •     1 level
  •     3 months
  •   20 units
  • 180 hours

The next step in your Drupal training: programming custom modules and themes in Drupal 7.

This course is for developers who already have extensive knowledge of Drupal and want to learn how to develop custom modules, themes and delve into Drupal API. It is ideal for those who have completed the Beginner and Intermediate levels and have sufficient knowledge of PHP for this level.

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Expert in Drupal 9 Site Building

donnyvasquez | Drupal 9 | Expert in Drupal 9 Site Building
27 June, 2022
Hi, I'm Donny, I've been working with Drupal for 20 years. I started with Drupal 4 in 2002, and I fell in love with this box that did in minutes what took me months in pure PHP.I did in Forcontu the Drupal 6 course in its three levels (At that time they sent the books and certificates in physical.... [leer más]

Good course, I recommend it

leandro713 | Drupal 9 | Expert in Drupal 9 Back-End
17 June, 2022
I consider myself lucky to have had the opportunity to take this course and to have learned a lot.Before taking the course I had been working with Drupal for many years, but I missed having had some kind of "canonical training" on Drupal. The lessons are very interesting and well explained. The... [leer más]

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