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Forcontu is offering 10 training scholarships for the Expert in Drupal 7 online course (valued at USD1350). The course will be conducted from May 4 to December 4 (7 months).

These are the selected for our 10 scholarships

The process has finished with the participation of 206 people. These are the chosen ones:

  1. Scott Hood (United States, Florida)
  2. Donal Fitzpatrick (Ireland, Dublin)
  3. Sarah Snow (United States, Texas)
  4. Jennifer Montgomery (United States, Washington)
  5. Nidhi Badani (India, Maharashtra)
  6. Donald Dill (United States, Washington)
  7. Suzannah Saiah (United States, Georgia)
  8. Judy Davis (United States, Virginia)
  9. Billy Wardrop (Scotland, Edinburgh)
  10. Paola Garcia (United States, New York)

What do you have to do in return

  • Be sure that you have enough time to do the course (estimated 15hours per week with a total of 420 hours in 7 months)
  • You'll have to write a monthly post at forcontu.com about your experience with the course and what you have learned about Drupal.


Course description

  • Online Training
  • 7 months (420 certificated hours)
  • 60 units in 3 levels
  • Includes Site Building and Development
  • Continuous assesment
  • 3 books in PDF
  • Final project
  • Certification
  • Language: English

The Expert in Drupal 7 course is a 100% online course with supervised practice labs. In addition to the virtual classroom, students will be provided with web hosting for their own Drupal installation. Through the virtual classroom, the course instructor will be in contact with students, guiding them in their learning process and proposing the work necessary for passing the course. Students will hand in their work directly in their assigned web space, building their own web site by following the proposed activities. Moreover, the student will be able to perform activities at any time of the day in order to adapt the training to his/her professional and private needs.The total course duration is 7 months with 420 hours of certified work.

Expert in Drupal 7 course is divided into 3 modules or levels and a Final Project:

Site Building:
  • Beginner level has a total estimated length of 60 hours, distributed over 4 weeks (1 month).
  • Intermediate level has a total estimated length of 120 hours, distributed over 8 weeks (2 months).
  • Advanced level (programming) has a total estimated length of 180 hours, distributed over 12 weeks (3 months).This is the only level that requires prior knowledge of programming in PHP. The course includes an Introduction to PHP and MySQL.
  • At the end of the 3 training modules, the student will have an additional month to implement the Final Project (60 hours).

The application is closed

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