Drupal 7 - Unit 40 - Other features (PDF)

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In this last unit for the intermediate level, we will review some additional modules that allow us to complete the functionality of any website.

In this section we will review Content Presentation features of the following modules:

  • ThemeKey, allows you to change the site theme based on different rules.
  • Printer, e-mail and PDF versions, allows you to add options for printing, email and PDF creation.
  • Invisimail, adds a filter to hide email addresses from spam bots. 
  • Nice frontpage, redirects the page /node to any other page on the site.
  • Site map, adds a web site map.
  • Views Slideshow, allows for the creation of slideshows.

Inside the Mega Menus module we will view the OM Maximenu module, which allows you to add blocks within the menu links.

We will continue with the Calendar module to create views of event calendars.

And we will end with two Administration modules:

  • Admin, which adds an adminstration menu.
  • Elysia Cron, which allows the execution of the tasks included in the cron, independently and at different times.

Unit contents:

  • 40.1 Content Presentation
  • 40.2 Mega Menus
  • 40.3 Scheduling events with Calendar
  • 40.4 Administration Modules

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  • PDF without DRM
  • Can print
  • Can text copy
  • Single use licence

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