Drupal 7 - Unit 38 - Social tools: voting and sharing content (PDF)

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In this unit we will go over some social tools that we can incorportate into a website using additional modules.

In the Vote Content paragraph we will see modules:

  • Fivestar, which adds a voting system typically represented by 5 stars.
  • Rate, which adds other voting types like Like/Dislike, +1/-1, Yes/No, etc.

User Scoring Points:

  • User Points, with other additional modules allows users to win or lose points according to their actions.

To share content on social networks we study modules:

  • ShareThis, which adds a bar of buttons to share content in several social networks.
  • Service Links, an alternative which uses buttons to share content on social networks and other online tools.
  • Facebook Like Button, which adds the Facebook Like button.

Lastly we analyze some modules that enable communication within the site’s users:

  • Shoutbox, allows users to send short messages.
  • Chat Room, enables chat rooms.
  • Privatemsg, sends internal messages between users. 

Unit contents:

  • 38.1 Content voting
  • 38.2 User scoring
  • 38.3 Share in social media
  • 38.4 Communication tools

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