Drupal 7 - Unit 37 - SEO Positioning with Drupal (PDF)

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Web positioning, also known as SEO (Search Engine Optimization), is a group of techniques that when applied to a website, improve its positioning or visibility in different search engines.

In this unit we will review some modules that can be useful for the optimization of a webpage in Drupal and improve it’s positioning.

Search engines information modules:

  • XML sitemap, generates a site map for search engines.
  • Search 404, substitutes the error 404 page with a search with the URL not found.
  • Global Redirect, permanently redirects duplicate URL’s to the adequate URL alias. 

Content Structure modules:

  • Meta tags, adds structured metadata to each page including Open Graph tags.
  • Page Title, to generate the page title (<title>).
  • Pathauto and Custom breadcrumbs, previously reviewed. 

Analysis and Optimization modules:

  • SEO Checklist, provides a verification list with modules and good SEO practices.
  • SEO Compliance Checker, verifies if the content complies with the defined SEO rules.
  • SEO Watcher, verifies the site ranking in search engines.
  • Content Optimizer and Content Analysis, to analyze and optimize the content. 

Unit contents:

  • 37.1 Introduction to SEO Positioning
  • 37.2 Information For Search Engines
  • 37.3 Content Structure
  • 37.4 Analysis and Optimization

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