Drupal 7 - Unit 35 - Multilingual Sites (PDF)

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In the Beginner level, we saw how to add multiple languages to the site through the Locale module, and how Locale works to translate the site interface. At this level we will take it a step further and build multilingual sites, where not only will the interface be translated but the content and other site elements (menus, blocks, nodes, etc.) will be translated as well.

The fundamental module to implement a multilingual site is called Internationalization, also known as i18n. As we shall see there are many complementary modules to it but in this unit we will only show some of the highlights of those modules.

In addition to the modules contained in the main module i18n, we will look at the following additional modules:

  • Internationalization views, which permits the translation of views.
  • Language icons, which adds icons with flags associated to each language.
  • Translation Overview, which shows on one screen a summary of the translation status of each node.
  • Translation table, which provides an interface to easily translate various elements of the site (taxonomy, content types, fields, menus, etc.).
  • Localization client, which provides an interface to fix translation issues on the page itself

Unit contents:

  • 35.1 Language Configuration
  • 35.2 Internationalization Module (i18n)
  • 35.3 Multilingual Variables
  • 35.4 Content Translation
  • 35.5 Menu Translation
  • 35.6 Block Translation
  • 35.7 Content Type and Field Translation
  • 35.8 Taxonomy Translation
  • 35.9 Views Translation
  • 35.10 Additional Modules

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