Drupal 7 - Unit 34 - Workflow (PDF)

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In this unit, we will introduce some modules related to controlling workflow. We will come to understand how those workflow processes or tasks must be performed in several steps, collaboratively, requiring some users to validate or approve the work of others.

The simplest workflow control example is the moderation of content: A user with the role of Author creates a page, but it will not be published until another user with the role of Moderator gives it approval. The module that allows this content review control is called Revisioning.

We will also see how, through the Scheduler module, we can schedule content to be published or withdrawn on certain dates.

Finally, we will analyze the Node Option Premium module for creating content which is only available to Premium members.

Unit contents:

  • 34.1 Reviewing content with Revisioning
  • 34.2 Planning content with Scheduler
  • 34.3 Access to Premium content

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