Drupal 7 - Unit 33 - Extending users (PDF)

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Basic creation concepts and user management was reviewed in the initial level. In this unit, we will take a closer look at these processes and present the following modules that will provide additional functionalities:

  • Imagecache profiles, assigns different styles to the user images (profile image, commentary image, and node image).
  • Avatar Approval, facilitates the user image moderation process.
  • Author Pane, generates a block with user information.
  • Profile2, creates different types of profiles and associate them to users with roles and permissions.
  • Filter permissions, improves the management interface of permissions by incorporating additional filters.
  • Masquerade, we can pretend to be any other user on the site.
  • Content Access, allows access control by role to the different types of content.
  • User restrictions, creates rules to allow or deny access to users.
  • Login Toboggan, allows modification of the behavior of the access system or user login.
  • Login one time, send a single-use access link to a user.
  • Login Destination, redirect a user to specific routes when a site is accessed.
  • Views Bulk Operations, applied to the user views, allows operation to be carried out over multiple users. 

Unit contents:

  • 33.1 User Images
  • 33.2 Multiple User Profiles
  • 33.3 Access Roles and Permissions
  • 33.4 User Login
  • 33.5 Massive Operations Over Users

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