Drupal 7 - Unit 32 - Defining contexts (PDF)

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The Context module allows you to define contexts, which represent different sections of a site. When the page loads, the system checks a set of rules and conditions to see what context is active. This allows us to define important distinctions for each context: distinct theme, distinct page structure and even a distinct layout.

In this unit, we will study the conditions and reactions that help us apply the distinct conditions for each context.

We also will look at the following new modules:

  • Context layouts, included with Context, allows us to use different layouts for the active context.
  • Context No Title, allows us to hide the content title when the context is active.
  • Context Condition Theme, adds a condition as a result of the theme that is active on the site.
  • Context Node, assigns contexts to nodes.
  • Context Assets, allows us to apply .css and .jss files to pages.
  • Date Context, included with the Date module, allows us to configure conditions that compare a date field to a determined date.

Unit contents:

  • 32.1 Installing and configuring Context
  • 32.2 Create contexts
  • 32.3 Defining conditions
  • 32.4 Defining reactions
  • 32.5 Using context to change design
  • 32.6 Additional modules

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