Drupal 7 - Unit 30 - Actions and triggers (PDF)

Version: 1.0 (07/05/2014)
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Drupal allows automatic execution of specific actions when certain events occur in the system; these events are called triggers.

Through these actions and triggers, we can, for example, send and email to specific site users when a node is created or modified, or block a user if certain words are detected as used in a published commentary by that user.

In this unit, we’ll study how the site’s actions and triggers are configured once the Trigger module has been activated. We’ll also see how to create and configure advanced actions.

Unit contents:

  • 30.1 Introduction to Actions and Triggers
  • 30.2 Simple and Advanced Actions
  • 30.3 Triggers

Format eBook:

  • PDF without DRM
  • Can print
  • Can text copy
  • Single use licence

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