Drupal 7 - Unit 28 - Display Suite (PDF)

Version: 1.0 (07/05/2014)
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Display Suite is a set of modules that modifies the display of entities and other elements, especially views, forms and search results.

This tool has some similarities with Panels, but as we’ll see below, it is a complementary module that provides different functions.

Display Suite adds new configuration options to manage the display of entities in a very simple way. We can assign each content type (or entity type) a specific layout or structure that allows us to assign fields to different regions, as we did with Panels in Unit 27. Once we have achieved the design we want, the individual elements of an entity (title, body, custom fields, etc.) can be placed in any region.

Unit contents:

  • 28.1 Introduction to Display Suite
  • 28.2 Displaying entities
  • 28.3 Fields
  • 28.4 Extras
  • 28.5 Displaying views
  • 28.6 Displaying forms
  • 28.7 Displaying search results

Format eBook:

  • PDF without DRM
  • Can print
  • Can text copy
  • Single use licence

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