Drupal 7 - Unit 27 - Panels (PDF)

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Panels is one of the most flexible and powerful modules available in Drupal. It allows you to build pages using various blocks or regions, called panels, where we can display different site content (nodes, views, blocks, menus, etc.). This allows us to create pages or blocks using different elements.

Panels is the ideal module for creating the home page for a site, or the landing pages for individual sections on the site.

With Panels, you can manage a variety of templates with different layouts, making it easy to create pages that display content in different ways.

Panels can also work together with the Views module, giving it added functionality.

This unit includes four case studies, which explain how to use the different types of panels.

To conclude this unit, we look at two additional modules that complement Panels:

  • Panels Extra Layouts Module, which adds new layouts to the default ones included in the module.
  • Panels Breadcrumbs Module, which allows us to assign custom breadcrumbs for each panel.

Unit contents:

  • 27.1 Introduction to the Panels module
  • 27.2 Panel pages
  • 27.3 Managing panels
  • 27.4 Mini panels
  • 27.5 Panel nodes
  • 27.6 Integrating Views into Panels
  • 27.7 Additional modules

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