Drupal 7 - Unit 25 - Extending menus with additional modules (PDF)

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In the Beginners Level we studied the basics of creating menus in Drupal. In this unit we add to the menu functionalities using the following extra modules:

  • Menu Breadcrumb allows breadcrumbs for any site menu.
  • Custom breadcrumbs, allows us to create customized breadcrumbs depending on the content type.
  • Menu Attributes, adds additional attributes to the menu links.
  • Special Menu Items, allows us to create menu elements without links, for use as separators and categories.
  • Menu Block, creates menu blocks from other menus (submenus).
  • Menu per role and Menu item visibility, allows us to display menu items to specific users depending on their roles.
  • Nice menus, creates drop-down menus.
  • Menu Icons, allows us to add icons and images to menu links.
  • Administration Menu, provides a drop-down menu with all options, sub-options and administration menu tabs

Unit contents:

  • 25.1 Breadcrumb Display
  • 25.2 Custom breadcrumbs
  • 25.3 Menu link improvements
  • 25.4 Building submenus with Menu Block
  • 25.5 Menu link access control
  • 25.6 Improving menu display

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