Drupal 7 - Unit 23 - Views (PDF)

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The Views module is probably the most useful tool for creating dynamic pages (called views) fed with content from the site.

To fully understand what can be achieved by using views, consider these examples. With views we can create:

  • A page which displays all the nodes with a particular content type. Also, we can add search filters that help the user to find interesting content.
  • A block containing a list of the latest users registered in the site.
  • A data table with sortable fields. Data can be extracted, for example via a set of nodes containing a particular content type.
  • A block which contains the most visited content.
  • A grid which contains a selection of images.

In this unit we will study the Views module in depth, using step-by-step practical examples as well as theoretical study of the different functionalities and configuration options that this module offers. We will also look at extra modules that add further functionalities to views.

Unit contents:

  • 23.1 Views module introduction
  • 23.2 View creation
  • 23.3 Basic settings
  • 23.4 Fields
  • 23.5 Sort criteria
  • 23.6 Filter criteria
  • 23.7 Contextual filters
  • 23.8 Relationships
  • 23.9 Other advanced options
  • 23.10 Permissions
  • 23.11 Extra modules

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