Learn Drupal 6. Initial level

Learn Drupal 6. Initial level
Fran Gil
Adolfo Romani

The initial level is aimed at those with technical training or not, who want to engage in the creation of Web portals with Drupal. It is also very useful for businesses or professionals who want to create your personal or professional web site without external dependencies. This level is intended to the student to acquire a firm knowledge base to meet with guarantees the following educational levels.

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  • PDF without DRM
  • It can be printed
  • You can copy text
  • Single license
  • Study guide
  • Unit 1. Introduction to Drupal
  • Unit 2. Installation and configuration of Drupal
  • Unit 3. Content management
  • Unit 4. Management of menus
  • Unit 5. Block management
  • Unit 6. Topics
  • Unit 7. Expansion of capabilities with modules
  • Unit 8. User management and access control
  • Unit 9. Searches
  • Unit 10. Languages and translation
  • Unit 11. Access statistics
  • Unit 12. Portal management
  • Annex a. tracks and solutions
  • Annex B. course personal tracking
  • Annex C. accommodation and necessary tools configuration
  • Annex D. links and resources of interest
  • Annex e. studied modules versions

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