Expert in Drupal 7. Expert level Vol. I

Expert in Drupal 7. Expert level Vol. I
Pedro Cambra
Juan Pablo Novillo Requena
David Gil Sanchez
Marcelo Ivan Tosco
Martín González Robles
Pablo Lopez Escobes
Eduardo Garcia
Fran Alvarez
Naphtali Guerrero Pancorbo

The book's level expert Vol. I provides additional training on specific themes that have specialized experts in Drupal. It is, therefore, a collaborative book where each author addresses his unit with total freedom, contributing its experience and knowledge in a particular theme.

Not all units contained in this book require programming skills. Some are addressed from a point of view of building the site, so you will only need the base that gives you the intermediate level of the course. Others, however, are more complex and require knowledge of Drupal at the level of programming (advanced level).

From Forcontu we want to thank all authors their great effort and dedication during the past months so that the publication of this work has been possible. The first volume of the book of expert level is now a reality and we hope to encourage more Drupal experts to participate in the next volumes.

Actualizado: 22/02/2013
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  • Unit 61. Drupal Commerce (Pedro Cambra)
  • Unit 62. Introduction to Drush (Juan Pablo Novillo)
  • Unit 63. Advanced Drush (Juan Pablo Novillo)
  • Unit 64. Search with Apache Solr (David Gil Sánchez)
  • Unit 65. Programming of Panels (Marcelo Ivan rough)
  • Unit 66. Organic Groups (Martín González Robles)
  • Unit 67. Multi-site Drupal (Pablo López Escobes)
  • Unit 68. Geolocation in Drupal (Eduardo García)
  • Unit 69. Programming of Web services (Fran Álvarez)
  • Unit 70. Theming with Drupal Sass (Naphtali Guerrero Pancorbo)

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