Expert in Drupal 9 Front-End Development (online training)

A practical and tutored method to master Drupal 9 at Front-End Development level.

Expert in Drupal 9 Front-End Development
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  • Forcontu Expert in Drupal 9 Front-End Development

Become an expert in UI development for Drupal 9.

Front-End development in Drupal 9 encompasses all interface-related technologies that run in the web browser. We can group these technologies into three languages, HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Although these technologies are used as a base, we will see that there are other more advanced solutions that facilitate Front-End programming. For example, we will use SASS for CSS generation and JavaScript libraries such as jQuery or VueJS.

In the first part of the course we will deal with themes related to the implementation of themes and the presentation or layout of content. In the second part we will go into JavaScript programming, making an introduction to the most used JavaScript libraries and putting into practice one of them (VueJS).

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My experience in Drupal 9 Back-End

bea | Drupal 9 | Experto en Drupal 9 Back-End
23 November, 2022
My personal experience has been good. I think it is a very complete course.In my case, it has helped me to consolidate my knowledge since I have started working with Drupal relatively recently and there were many things that "sounded" to me or that I did without fully understanding them. Obviously... [leer más]

Máster in Drupal 9

cristinagarciacruz | Drupal 9 | Master in Drupal 9
19 November, 2022
Hello everyone :) !!Although I have been working with Drupal for several years, whenever I take a course with Forcontu it gives me the opportunity to continue to expand my knowledge and continue to deepen a little more about this technology.The methodology used in the course seems to me good and... [leer más]

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