Drupal Training Experiences

Drupal Training Experiences

Expert in Drupal 9 Site Building

SergioAmateForte | Drupal 9 | Expert in Drupal 9 Site Building
02 November, 2021

Good, my opinion about this Drupal 9 Site Building course is that it is quite good because it is very flexible as you can manage yourself the pace of the course itself. I already had a certain level in Ste Building, I think it has helped me to know how the different parts of Drupal are connected, ie, what implications does each thing that is created and where it can be used.

You also learn a lot about features that I didn't know before and that are very good.

In short, it offers... [leer más]


SergioAmateForte | Drupal 9 | Experto en Drupal 9 Site Building
02 November, 2021

Buenas, mi opinion acerca de este curso de Site Building de Drupal 9 es que está bastante bien ya que es muy flexible al poder gestionar tu mismo el ritmo del propio curso. Yo que ya contaba con cierto nivel en Ste Building, creo que me ha servido para conocer como se conectan las distintas partes de Drupal, es decir, que implicaciones tiene cada cosa que se crea y donde se puede utilizar.

Tambien se aprende mucho acerca de funcionalidades que no conocia antes y que son muy buenas.... [leer más]

Máster in Drupal 9

fjmurillo | Drupal 9 | Master in Drupal 9
01 November, 2021

After having completed the master in drupal 9 I draw several conclusions from it:

  • At a general level a very complete course with a support documentation of great help not only for the realization of the same but for use in future projects.
  • With a good base of drupal 7 and 8 the course can be done in less hours than the stipulated of the same that if recommendable to go day by day advancing with the same,
  • The backend course is quite complete and where you have to... [leer más]

Resumen Master Drupal 9

fjmurillo | Drupal 9 | Máster en Drupal 9
01 November, 2021

Después de haber realizado el master en drupal 9 saco varias conclusiones del mismo:

  • A nivel general un curso muy completo con una documentación de apoyo de gran ayuda no sólo para realización del mismo sino para un uso en futuros proyectos.
  • Con una buena base de drupal 7 y 8 el curso se puede realizar en menos horas de las estipuladas del mismo eso si recomentable el ir dia a dia avanzando con el mismo,
  • El curso de backend es bastante completo y donde mas horas... [leer más]

Highly recommended training

jojedap | Drupal 9 | Expert in Drupal 9 Site Building
20 October, 2021

Although I already had experience in drupal 6, 7 and some of 8; this course has made me update my knowledge because I had been somewhat disconnected for a couple of years. I consider vital that the course is eminently practical, apart from the general review of the main modules of the core of drupal 9 and contributed modules, this course has helped me to familiarize myself with composer and drush through the terminal. The course is highly recommended for anyone starting from scratch and not... [leer más]

Formación muy recomendable

jojedap | Drupal 9 | Experto en Drupal 9 Site Building
20 October, 2021

Aunque ya tenía experiencia en drupal 6, 7 y algo de 8; este curso me ha hecho actualizar mis conocimientos pues llevaba un par de años algo desconectado. Considero vital que el cuso... [leer más]

Experiencia con el curso

carobortoli | Drupal 9 | Experto en Drupal 9 Site Building
15 October, 2021

Muy conforme con el curso que he realizado, he aprendido mucho y espero que los nuevos conocimientos adquiridos  los pueda aplicar en la ejecución de mis tareas laborales.

Los materiales son buenos, los ejercicios... [leer más]

Course experience

carobortoli | Drupal 9 | Expert in Drupal 9 Site Building
15 October, 2021

Very satisfied with the course I have done, I have learned a lot and I hope that the new knowledge acquired can be applied in the execution of my work tasks.

The materials are good, the exercises according to the level acquired and the communication with the tutor is continuous and attentive.

The course fulfilled the expectations I had when I started it, being also a reference in my country due to the lack of entities that dictate courses on this subject.

I work in an... [leer más]

Duro pero se aprende una barbaridad

javiermoraisromero | Drupal 8 | Experto en Drupal 8 Back-End Development
07 October, 2021

Estoy seguro de que nadie puede decir que sea un máster regalado.Hay que trabajarlo y echarle horas. Pero lo que se aprende es muchísimo y de muchísma utilidad. Se pasa una por una por todo el entramado de funcionaliades, configuraciones y posibilidad que nos brinda Drupal 8.

Yo no sabía nada de Symphony y me asustaba mucho, pero con el método de aprendizaje de Forcontu vas aprendiendo pasa a paso. De esta forma vas viendo las cosas desde lo más básico hasta lo más complejo. Además... [leer más]

Tough, but you learn a lot

javiermoraisromero | Drupal 9 | Expert in Drupal 9 Back-End
07 October, 2021

I am sure that no one can say that it is a free master's degree, you have to work at it and put in the hours. But what you learn is a lot and very useful. You go one by one through all the functionalities, configurations and possibilities that Drupal 8 offers us.

I didn't know anything about Symphony and it scared me a lot, but with Forcontu's learning method you learn step by step. This way you see things from the most basic to the most complex. In addition, references to the Drupal... [leer más]

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