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Imprescindible curso de Drupal 8 Back-End

unalumno | Drupal 8 | Experto en Drupal 8 Back-End Development
31 July, 2019

I come from Drupal 6 and 7 and in the past I programmed (among other things) with POO languages like C++ and Java. I've been a student of Forcontu before.

I recommend the course without hesitation to all those who are going to start with Drupal 8, whether they know nothing about Drupal or come from Drupal 7. Whoever thinks that knowing PHP will be able to dedicate in a short time and on his own to work with Drupal 8, is certainly wrong, unless he is a student with a lot of free time and no obligations. 

Now, even betting on the course, you have to be aware that it devours your free time and even with 6 months you are very fair: there is no margin for misdirection. I believe that the dedicated sessions should be at least 2 hours to be able to advance, preferably 3 or 4. I recommend to the future students to make a calendar with all the exercises of the course and to revise it often if you want to be conscious of what you lack to finish.

As everything can always be improved, I think that the scoring system deserves a revision. I think that the mix of criteria when it comes to awarding points to each exercise is confusing and I personally found it frustrating: it does not give a real measure of the proportional progress made, nor of the effort invested. Keep this in mind for your next students so that you don't despair if you get stuck in an exercise "that was originally only 2 points" while one of 10 you finished in half the time ;)

As an idea for Forcontu, I would suggest that when sending each exercise you include a field to be filled in by the student of "minutes dedicated to solve it", together with the statistics already collected (number of answers given, minimum, maximum, median, average...). In this way the student could foresee the time needed for each one and organize himself/herself without getting frustrated.

While we are on the subject of the "Letter to the Kings" I would ask Forcontu to make the exercises independent or "modularized" for future courses, at least per lesson, so as not to overwrite the code.  For three reasons:

I'm sure that would make it easier for you to hand in and correct the exercises, by not "crushing" each other;
If we get stuck in one exercise or lesson, if they were independent we could continue with another one and thus take it up again later, fresher and more motivated;
Resolved exercises are possible "chops" of our own that can be used in the future. If I have already spent time solving a problem thanks to the course, and I come across something similar in "real life", it is not the same for me to have to unravel it in a code that is already a jumble of 4 overlapping exercises, and where the solution to the specific problem has already been overwritten and lost.
More than once I have come across a statement "take back the module you did in activity X and now you do this one"...it may have been weeks or even months since that activity and the module no longer exists. Perhaps it would be best if it were not necessary, or to have the code necessary to start it available for download from the new statement or in another folder/web on the server.

New students: document and keep for yourselves the solutions exercise by exercise. And zip and save the modules worked on and given for good activity by activity. Even if it takes time, your future self will thank you, maybe a week later during another activity, maybe at a work station.

And well, otherwise thank you very much for the help of the Forcontu team, whose titanic task both in preparing the course and in attending to the students is appreciated. Greetings and thanks also to the colleagues of the Forum.

I only have 2 exercises and 2 weekends left to reach 800 points (having time for a final project is Science Fiction) but as I must be going I ask you: when will the Drupal 9 course be finished? ;)
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Drupal Training Experiences

Highly recommended training

jojedap | Drupal 9 | Expert in Drupal 9 Site Building
20 October, 2021

Although I already had experience in drupal 6, 7 and some of 8; this course has made me update my knowledge because I had been somewhat disconnected for a couple of years. I consider vital that the course is eminently practical, apart from the general review of the main modules of the core of drupal 9 and contributed modules, this course has helped me to familiarize myself with composer and drush through the terminal. The course is highly recommended for anyone starting from scratch and not... [leer más]

Formación muy recomendable

jojedap | Drupal 9 | Experto en Drupal 9 Site Building
20 October, 2021

Aunque ya tenía experiencia en drupal 6, 7 y algo de 8; este curso me ha hecho actualizar mis conocimientos pues llevaba un par de años algo desconectado. Considero vital que el cuso... [leer más]

Experiencia con el curso

carobortoli | Drupal 9 | Experto en Drupal 9 Site Building
15 October, 2021

Muy conforme con el curso que he realizado, he aprendido mucho y espero que los nuevos conocimientos adquiridos  los pueda aplicar en la ejecución de mis tareas laborales.

Los materiales son buenos, los ejercicios... [leer más]

Course experience

carobortoli | Drupal 9 | Expert in Drupal 9 Site Building
15 October, 2021

Very satisfied with the course I have done, I have learned a lot and I hope that the new knowledge acquired can be applied in the execution of my work tasks.

The materials are good, the exercises according to the level acquired and the communication with the tutor is continuous and attentive.

The course fulfilled the expectations I had when I started it, being also a reference in my country due to the lack of entities that dictate courses on this subject.

I work in an... [leer más]

Duro pero se aprende una barbaridad

javiermoraisromero | Drupal 8 | Experto en Drupal 8 Back-End Development
07 October, 2021

Estoy seguro de que nadie puede decir que sea un máster regalado.Hay que trabajarlo y echarle horas. Pero lo que se aprende es muchísimo y de muchísma utilidad. Se pasa una por una por todo el entramado de funcionaliades, configuraciones y posibilidad que nos brinda Drupal 8.

Yo no sabía nada de Symphony y me asustaba mucho, pero con el método de aprendizaje de Forcontu vas aprendiendo pasa a paso. De esta forma vas viendo las cosas desde lo más básico hasta lo más complejo. Además... [leer más]

Experiencia con el curso de Experto en Drupal 9 Site Building

alba_lnj | Drupal 9 | Experto en Drupal 9 Site Building
06 October, 2021

Hola, el curso me ha parecido de lo más completo, teniendo en cuenta que yo ya tenía experiencia con drupal 7, 8 y 9, por lo que no me ha sido difícil seguir las unidades y completar todas las tareas.

El trato del tutor ha sido impecable y los tiempos de respuesta cuando había alguna duda de 10, lo que ha hecho que sea mucho más sencillo y llevadero.

Por lo general he visto todo muy correcto, para ocasiones futuras estaría genial que el bot fuera capaz de corregir más unidades de... [leer más]

Experiencia Drupal 9 Back-End

fjmurillo | Drupal 9 | Experto en Drupal 9 Back-End
29 September, 2021


Después de haber realizado el curso de site-building y tras la realización del curso de Experto en Drupal Back-End y actividades del mismo el grado de satisfactión ha sido bueno y ha cumplido con mis expectativas. Una documentación muy completa y actividades que pueden ser aplicadas a casos práticos en el mundo laboral.
Lo que si que he echado de menos ha sido algo en temas de migración (migrate módulo del core y otros contribuidos) sobre todo ahora que en breve la... [leer más]

Mi experiencia en el curso de Drupal

Iago Fernandez Prol | Drupal 9 | Experto en Drupal 9 Back-End
21 September, 2021

Recomiendo este curso porque me parece que independientemente de si tienes experiencia previa en el mundo de la programación o no, se hace muy intuitivo el aprendizaje por los contenidos y la forma en la que están explicados. Me ha parecido una muy buena idea que se introduzcan al comienzo del temario conceptos de PHP y MySQL para la gente que no tenga experiencia previa en el ámbito de la programación. Sobre el curso de Drupal en sí, me parece que explica muy bien los conceptos necesarios... [leer más]

Experiencia Site Building

Diego Sanchez Lores | Drupal 9 | Experto en Drupal 9 Back-End
17 September, 2021


Esta ha sido una buena experiencia en un completo curso para aprender a usar el back end de drupal más alla de la interfaz de administrador que ofrece el propio CMS. Siendo drupal un CMS con una curva de aprendizaje exigente, con esta guía se ha hecho más fácil. Considero que con este curso conseguiré mejorar mis sitios web. Me ha parecido adecuada la introducción a conceptos básicos php y bases de datos para que cualquier persona desde 0 pueda iniciarse en drupal. Un curso... [leer más]

Una experiencia con Forcontu

amelgarh | Drupal 9 | Máster en Drupal 9
02 September, 2021

Conozco Forcontu desde hace ya unos cuantos años y hasta hace relativo poco no me había decido a implicarme en uno de sus cursos salvo incursiones en sus libros a modo de consulta o de auto formación. Realmente es loable el trabajo realizado con Fran y su equipo. Evidentemente require de un sacrificio personal importante, sumergirse en un Máster de estas características pero la labor realizada de compendio de lo más importente que tiene Drupal, para suavizar la curva de aprendizaje es enorme... [leer más]

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