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A site builder course that works well for experienced-advanced and new developers

mcastaneda | Drupal 9 | Expert in Drupal 9 Site Building
10 March, 2023

From the Expert in Drupal 9 Site Building course I have learned:

  • Relationships and exposed filters in views.
  • Recommended modules for layout, permissions, taxonomies, maps and geolocation, etc..
  • Aggregation in views.
  • Comment settings.
  • Develop friendly-URL.
  • Layout builder, display suite et pannels.
  • Clone node.
  • Multilanguage and translate configuration.
  • Views that show the nodes created by our own user.
  • Webform configuration.
  • Forum module configuration.
  • Creation of node fields related with taxonomy terms or with another nodes.
  • Creation of subtheme based on core theme.
  • And more...

In purity, I consider this course important not only for new developers who want to start doing site building, but also for experienced and advanced developers who already know site building. Because the course crosses many subjects that can help improve the knowledge that we already know or the subjects that we don't have enough knowledge.

Drupal Training Experiences

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My experience

Macarenacc | Drupal 10 | Expert in Drupal 10 Site Building
18 September, 2023

Hello, I have just sent the final project, the experience has been very satisfactory, personally I feel very fulfilled. I think it is a very complete course, as you specify that anyone even without extensive knowledge of programming can do it thanks to your books, they are very complete, both visually and theoretically. It has been a course that has required perseverance and effort, but it has been worth it, I have learned a lot, I did not expect to reach this point of being able to develop... [read more]

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Master in Drupal 10 General Experience

jcortesm | Drupal 10 | Master in Drupal 10
13 September, 2023

Hello, my experience now that I have reached the end of the Master has been very satisfactory. Having spent many years working only with Drupal 6 / 7 environments and applications made me lose the perspective of the new versions of Drupal that were appearing. Now that the D7 environments seem to be coming to an end, I needed a course with guarantees and that could offer me training to continue working with the new versions, in this case Drupal 10 and following. The Master is very well... [read more]


Good experience

ALEXSERRANOESCRIBANO | Drupal 10 | Expert in Drupal 10 Site Building
06 September, 2023

Now that I have almost finished the course, I have a global vision and it seems to me a good way to develop knowledge on how to build a site with Drupal from 0. The documentation is quite accurate and the activities are well guided to be able to solve them in a fairly autonomous way. 

I recommend this course if you are going to develop a professional project in a real environment to start with a solid foundation and enough knowledge to join a team that is already developing a project,... [read more]

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Course experience

dmtorres | Drupal 10 | Expert in Drupal 10 Back-End
02 September, 2023

Drupal has always been one of the most demanded CMS and with a quite striking learning curve, with the forcontu way (Drupal 10 in this case) is a substantial difference for understanding and learning, it is very rich in knowledge throughout the program, ranging from the most general to the most specific, even for developers who have enough experience with Drupal provides details that make a difference in the day to day.

The documentation is well organized and the units are complemented... [read more]

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Learning experience

avillegas89 | Drupal 10 | Expert in Drupal 10 Back-End
28 August, 2023

Good evening, I would like to share my learning experience in this wonderful course.

I am already programming with Drupal since 2018 from version 8 and I had never come across a course as complete as this one and especially in Spanish. The book is super explanatory and I love that. The mentoring is luxury always ready to lend a hand and help me, I give them a 10. I think to improve the course could generate some videos of some topics that are exposed better graphically than a pdf. But... [read more]

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Drupal 10 Back-End Development Course

Fabricio | Drupal 10 | Expert in Drupal 10 Back-End
08 August, 2023

In my opinion about Drupal 10 Back-End Development course, is a very good course, in summary of everything seen in the course helped me to understand more about object-oriented programming, I understood some functions or code that I did not understand before and it was a little difficult for me as well as I learned new functions or things that I had not had to learn, as for Drupal 10 I also learned to do many things I did not know and some that I already knew how to do I could see that they... [read more]

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My personal experience

David Redondo Alonso | Drupal 9 | Expert in Drupal 9 Front-End
08 August, 2023

I have completed the course "Drupal 9 Front-End Development Expert", through which I have updated and acquired knowledge in an area in which I partially develop my work on a daily basis.

The course is mostly oriented to practical aspects, which makes it very agile and not dense in any of its aspects. The materials with which the course is developed have a high quality and are very well structured. The course has a forum with a thread for each activity through which you can get... [read more]

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My personal experience

jcortesm | Drupal 10 | Expert in Drupal 10 Back-End
07 August, 2023

After several years working with Drupal 6 and 7 I needed a guided course to make the leap to Drupal 10. It has cost me a bit since I go directly from version 7 to 10 but it was worth it. The backend programming of the old versions with respect to this new one changes a lot. With the Forcontu courses I have found a guide that goes through almost all the topics and at the same time proposes exercises related to the topic. Excellent environment to carry out the activities and proactivity of the... [read more]

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My experience

Mateurs | Drupal 9 | Expert in Drupal 9 Site Building
04 August, 2023

"EXCELLENT" !!!! I have done quite a few online courses but as FORCONTU none as formidable, without a doubt I recommend it, the system, the books, the super good attention of your tutor at any time, ... and the result; a more than outstanding domain of each of the details of the CMS at the level of site building, ... with a lot of interest and enthusiasm to continue with the backend module ;), I have by the way that with the knowledge gained in this module I can already create well... [read more]

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A great preparation for taking Acquia Certifications

mcastaneda | Drupal 10 | Expert in Drupal 10 Site Building
24 July, 2023

Studying the Forcontu Expert in Drupal 10 Site Building helped me in my preparation for taking and approving the Acquia Site Building Certification exam and become an Acquia Certified Site Builder in Drupal 10. https://certification.acquia.com/index.php/user/20821

Now, after having finished the Forcontu Expert in Drupal 10 Backend course I'm going to go for the Backend Certification.

In this Backend course what... [read more]

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