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Learning Site Building with Forcontu

clgarciab | Drupal 9 | Expert in Drupal 9 Site Building
17 January, 2022

It has been a very good experience.

During the time that this course has lasted, I have managed to enter completely into the world that is created around the Drupal interface, and I have discovered many new modules and features that I can use in my projects, both personal and professional, and that will bring a lot of value.

I am a Back-End developer, so discovering that there are other completely different ways of doing things, such as those provided by the contributed modules, has been very comforting. I hope to return another time to the "Forcontu experience", both with the Back-End course, which will help me to reinforce my knowledge and surely I will learn something new, as for the Front-End course, which currently for me is an unknown section of web development with Drupal. 

Drupal Training Experiences

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My experience in Drupal 9 Back-End

FernandoFagundez | Drupal 9 | Expert in Drupal 9 Back-End
12 May, 2022

My overall experience with the drupal back-end course is very good. I already had some drupal experience that I had acquired on my own by watching the many drupal tutorials out there, every time I faced a problem I would search for information on the web and try to solve it. That made me feel that I had some drupal knowledge but at the same time it was messy. This course helped me to sort those issues, deepen what I had knowledge and at the same time learn new things. In general the course... [read more]

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My experience with Drupal 9 Site Building

Albicaldera | Drupal 9 | Expert in Drupal 9 Site Building
28 April, 2022

The experience has been very positive. The topics are very well explained.

The training is of quality, and the exercises are very well applied to the topics. The books are very clear, most of the exercises are guided step by step and help to understand the key points of the subject. It is accompanied by explanatory notes and in general has a way of explaining that immerses you in the subject without being tiring.

The tutor's help is excellent and fast.

It is a sufficiently... [read more]

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My experience with the Drupal 9 Site Building course

Bruno Recagno | Drupal 9 | Expert in Drupal 9 Site Building
28 April, 2022

I had never seen anything related to Drupal, and I have been studying web development for a very short time. Even so, I found the course super enjoyable and very well put together (mostly with the constant help of the tutor, Fran Gil). It is designed for an accessible level for someone who does not have much knowledge of development, but it is equally challenging to motivate to explore different solutions to the problems, always providing the necessary tools and explanations.

Perhaps... [read more]

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My experience with the Course Expert Drupal 9 Back-End

manucabe | Drupal 9 | Expert in Drupal 9 Back-End
24 April, 2022

My experience with this course has been very positive overall. The book is a very useful tool with a lot of examples to rely on. However, on many occasions it is obsolete, recommending tools that are already obsolete and eliminated in the new version, which makes progress complicated on many occasions. On the other hand, the progress through the course activities and quite fast, since most of them consist of copying the examples from the book almost verbatim. This has made sometimes, at... [read more]

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Great experience

DavidDomingoGomezGarcia | Drupal 9 | Expert in Drupal 9 Back-End
21 April, 2022

The course has been a great experience for me. I had not taken online courses in this way.
It is oriented to be practical. With each unit studied, there are activities that implement, in a practical way, what has been studied in the syllabus.
I think this is the best way to learn: study a topic and do an activity on it..., so that you fight with the code from the first moment.
I have discovered that in Drupal you can do great things with very little code..., although sometimes... [read more]

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Drupal Course

jlperezdoniz | Drupal 9 | Expert in Drupal 9 Back-End
19 April, 2022

The course is complete. The teachers are always helpful in carrying out the activities. 

The learning curve of Drupal is high, but with the course you understand better the internal structure of it. Drupal is quite complex, it has a lot of libraries, plugins, etc and you need a course like this to guide you not to do things wrong.

Maybe what I would improve is the level of the activities, since some are guided and are easy to follow and others are much more complicated. The level... [read more]

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My experience with Drupal.

Lissette | Drupal 9 | Expert in Drupal 9 Site Building
18 April, 2022

My experience has been very satisfactory, because although I do not like the field of programming, I have developed satisfactorily in the development of this course, being totally to my liking, I would only like the version of the book to be updated a little more to the version of Drupal used, as this is usually a bit confusing, as well as the bot, which sometimes did not fully validate the activities or marked as wrong, activities that were correct.

However, as I mentioned before,... [read more]

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My experience with this current level of Drupal 9 version

Wendy_MM | Drupal 9 | Expert in Drupal 9 Site Building
15 April, 2022

Personally, my experience in the realization of this course was very helpful, I liked to get to know this world of Drupal, in this case this level, learning to run their commands for what they are and how each part of Drupal works to perform, on the other hand the experience with the book was very active, it gives us the way forward although there are things that were not concrete to know other things to implement with Drupal makes better the way and learning here is really great, nice and I... [read more]

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Good Methodology

AlexMoleroNicolas | Drupal 9 | Expert in Drupal 9 Back-End
12 April, 2022

At the end of this course, I have better understood the internal structure that has Drupal, is a very complete course, so if you are interested in training on Drupal is adequate, the contents are fairly guided so you can follow even though drupal has a high learning curve compared to other technologies such as for example Laravel and if any questions arise, you can contact the teachers (frank) who answer promptly to help you to follow.

By taking this course you should be able to create... [read more]

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Complete Drupal Administration Course

Stf54 | Drupal 9 | Expert in Drupal 9 Site Building
31 March, 2022

This course is quite entertaining and complete. You learn how to install and manage a complete Drupal website without needing to know how to program. You also learn how to use all the Drupal functionalities and extend/extend or add new ones thanks to the large amount of very useful modules and themes, all contributed by the community.

The bot for correcting the activities is perfect. The forum with questions for each activity with many answers and the tutor with answers without much... [read more]

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