Drupal Training Experiences

Drupal Training Experiences

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Drupal Course

jlperezdoniz | Drupal 9 | Expert in Drupal 9 Back-End
19 April, 2022

The course is complete. The teachers are always helpful in carrying out the activities. 

The learning curve of Drupal is high, but with the course you understand better the internal structure of it. Drupal is quite complex, it has a lot of libraries, plugins, etc and you need a course like this to guide you not to do things wrong.

Maybe what I would improve is the level of the activities, since some are guided and are easy to follow and others are much more complicated. The level... [read more]

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My experience with Drupal.

Lissette | Drupal 9 | Expert in Drupal 9 Site Building
18 April, 2022

My experience has been very satisfactory, because although I do not like the field of programming, I have developed satisfactorily in the development of this course, being totally to my liking, I would only like the version of the book to be updated a little more to the version of Drupal used, as this is usually a bit confusing, as well as the bot, which sometimes did not fully validate the activities or marked as wrong, activities that were correct.

However, as I mentioned before,... [read more]

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My experience with this current level of Drupal 9 version

Wendy_MM | Drupal 9 | Expert in Drupal 9 Site Building
15 April, 2022

Personally, my experience in the realization of this course was very helpful, I liked to get to know this world of Drupal, in this case this level, learning to run their commands for what they are and how each part of Drupal works to perform, on the other hand the experience with the book was very active, it gives us the way forward although there are things that were not concrete to know other things to implement with Drupal makes better the way and learning here is really great, nice and I... [read more]

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Good Methodology

AlexMoleroNicolas | Drupal 9 | Expert in Drupal 9 Back-End
12 April, 2022

At the end of this course, I have better understood the internal structure that has Drupal, is a very complete course, so if you are interested in training on Drupal is adequate, the contents are fairly guided so you can follow even though drupal has a high learning curve compared to other technologies such as for example Laravel and if any questions arise, you can contact the teachers (frank) who answer promptly to help you to follow.

By taking this course you should be able to create... [read more]

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Complete Drupal Administration Course

Stf54 | Drupal 9 | Expert in Drupal 9 Site Building
31 March, 2022

This course is quite entertaining and complete. You learn how to install and manage a complete Drupal website without needing to know how to program. You also learn how to use all the Drupal functionalities and extend/extend or add new ones thanks to the large amount of very useful modules and themes, all contributed by the community.

The bot for correcting the activities is perfect. The forum with questions for each activity with many answers and the tutor with answers without much... [read more]

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Final comment

LuisDavidHernandez | Drupal 9 | Expert in Drupal 9 Back-End
24 March, 2022

The course is pretty good, it covers the most important concepts of Drupal at the back-end level. I recommend it 100%. I have experience with Drupal 7 and 8 and the truth is that it has been quite easy to follow the tasks and understand the concepts. 

In constructive criticism mode, I would eliminate parts of the beginning focused on learning to develop with PHP and focus a little more on the final units that are only for consultation, it would serve much more for those who want to... [read more]

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My experience in the course

EsterBoherVera | Drupal 9 | Expert in Drupal 9 Site Building
23 March, 2022

I knew Drupal because it is the system implemented in my workplace, but I had always used it for editing.
This course has allowed me to get to know the organization and features it offers and will allow me more autonomy in my work. 

My lack of knowledge of programming caused me some stress at the beginning, but Fran's help, especially in the forums where fellow students comment on the errors or problems you may encounter, is fast and effective. I recommend using the forums to... [read more]

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If you are thinking about learning Drupal, this is the place for you!

AWA954 | Drupal 9 | Master in Drupal 9
21 March, 2022

I wanted to learn how to make complex webs, I started with Joomla, then Wordpress, then I started to study HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT..., until a friend told me that there was something called Drupal... I got informed, I started to make my first installations and I got hooked, this is a "gadget" to make webs in a big way!

Where can I learn Drupal, really?  After watching some youtube videos and paying some Udemy course, another friend told me about Forcontu.... At the beginning I tried to... [read more]

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Course Completed

Lcouto | Drupal 9 | Expert in Drupal 9 Site Building
10 March, 2022

Having taken this course gave me a lot of knowledge when it comes to making a page in drupal, I found it a very interesting course and full of content.  

You can do many things in a very friendly way, and it gave me many skills to develop myself in the subject. I did it through my work company that uses drupal in several portals and I consider that now I am quite qualified to face the challenges that may arise. 

I would like to take one of the following courses, either the Front... [read more]

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Super interesting

javiermoraisromero | Drupal 9 | Expert in Drupal 9 Front-End
07 March, 2022

I have a lot of professional experience in Drupal. It is clear that Drupal is a world but after making this module I am surprised of the world that is. Apart from the issues of applying styles, themes and so on, I have been surprised with all the issues related to RESTFul, JSON:API, VUE ... has opened the door to a world that I did not even know existed.

I'm sure no one can say it's a free master's degree. You have to work at it and put in the hours. But you learn a lot and it is very... [read more]

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