Drupal Training Experiences

Drupal Training Experiences

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Good course to get into the Drupal world.

estefaniamarna | Drupal 10 | Expert in Drupal 10 Site Building
20 February, 2024

It is a very complete course that helps you to know all the corners of Drupal site building. It is a very good way to learn the Drupal interface and all the features it offers. It has its own guide book throughout the course.

What really stood out for me was the structure of the course and the way the concepts were presented. From content creation to user management and design customisation, each lesson was delivered in a coherent and practical way. The hands-on exercises and projects... [read more]

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Site Building Drupal 10

amonteroc | Drupal 10 | Expert in Drupal 10 Site Building
20 February, 2024

First of all, the instructor was super clear and patient. He explained every concept in an accessible way, from the basics to advanced tricks. Also, the course content was perfectly structured, which made it easy to follow the learning flow.

What I liked the most was that the course was not limited to just theory - we were hands-on from day one! We learned by doing, which really cemented my understanding of how Drupal works for building websites.

In short, if you are looking to... [read more]

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The missing course

loscar20 | Drupal 10 | Expert in Drupal 10 Front-End
17 February, 2024

After having completed the Back and Site course, I found myself with the need to acquire knowledge in the Front area. I decided to opt for Forcontu's Front course, and I must say that, like the other courses on the platform, this one is perfectly suited to the needs of both beginners and those who already have some experience in the subject. There is always something new to learn or something that is very useful for day-to-day work.

As far as the course content is concerned, it is true... [read more]

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Improving Site Builder

juan_florez | Drupal 10 | Expert in Drupal 10 Site Building
05 February, 2024

I hope this message finds you well. I wanted to express my sincere gratitude for the Drupal 10 Site Builder course. The content was not only informative but also enhanced my skills significantly. It served as a valuable refresher, consolidating my knowledge from previous years of professional experience.

The accompanying book was incredibly helpful, providing clear explanations, and the proposed exercises in the activities allowed me to apply theory into practice effectively.

... [read more]
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Essential course if you want to go deeper into drupal backend

jojedap | Drupal 10 | Expert in Drupal 10 Back-End
09 January, 2024

It is a good course to deepen, part of some basic notions of php and sql, and goes deep into the various topics that make up the back end of Drupal. It is a very extensive course that requires great dedication and effort. It has helped me to clarify many concepts that I will put into practice in my current job as a drupal developer. I had already done the site buiding course and I had knowledge about front end, so this course has helped me to eliminate deficiencies that I had in the back end... [read more]

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Very good course to learn and reinforce knowledge

ismaeltrujillo | Drupal 10 | Expert in Drupal 10 Site Building
07 January, 2024

It is a course that comes in handy both for complete beginners and for more advanced people, because there can always be things that you have not used so far, and others, which is good to reinforce, especially many modules and functions that are very useful and that greatly facilitates the work.

Thanks to this course I have been able to learn things that will be useful in my day to day work.

I will recommend this course to any of my colleagues at work or school, as it is... [read more]

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Learning Drupal with Forcontu

rapindrive | Drupal 10 | Expert in Drupal 10 Front-End
31 December, 2023

Another course from the hand of Fran and Forcontu

In the day to day it is very difficult to work with everything that Drupal can bring you, so you have to look for a reinforcement from time to time to catch up and remember features that over time can be forgotten. This is where I get the most out of Forcontu's courses, because with them I can keep up to date and learn new things.

All with detailed explanations and in a very pleasant way so that it is very entertaining. It is true... [read more]

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Essential Reinforcement Course

JoseIgnacioFernándezSeda | Drupal 10 | Expert in Drupal 10 Site Building
13 December, 2023

It clearly gives a broad overview of what can be done with Drupal. The numerous real-world practical examples have proven to be very useful, significantly accelerating job performance. It has provided me with the necessary resources to successfully face new challenges.

Although Drupal has been a personal challenge, commitment and dedication have become key allies in overcoming any obstacle. Perseverance is reflected in the progress made, and the support received from people like Fran... [read more]

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A Frontend course to become a Drupal Frontend Developer

mcastaneda | Drupal 10 | Expert in Drupal 10 Front-End
08 December, 2023

For me, the most valuable thing that I have learned from the Expert in Drupal 10 Front-End Development is the way to organize the Frontend files and how to structure the CSS files according Drupal's standards. In addition to that, the Sass and Grunt  chapter were clear enough to learn how configure them easily. 

Another useful thing I have learned in this course is the use of the CSS files with extension css.map. For years I hadn't know for what for were used these... [read more]

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Course to get started in the world of Drupal

jllorensnavarro | Drupal 10 | Expert in Drupal 10 Site Building
13 November, 2023

It is an enjoyable course where everything is explained in detail, from how to install Drupal on any machine to advanced modules for the management of any website. The system of exercises is very complete and detailed as they are the daily tasks to be performed on a Drupal website. The doubts that arose were solved in a very efficient and fast way by our tutor, Fran, and allowed to continue advancing in the syllabus without blockages or delays.

Although I already had previous... [read more]

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